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To get in touch with any member of the team, please email the Church Office or call us on (01793) 541153.

Paul Williams


Paul Williams grew up with a total disinterest in Christianity. His three years at Swansea University were sadly typical of many students, both then and now. Training as an accountant in London followed next. But then at the age of 25, he began reading the Bible, deeply aware of his guilty conscience. He longed for his heart to be made clean in the sight of God. While reading Luke’s Gospel, he came to see that the Lord Jesus Christ had died to take the punishment for his sins. The Lord saved him. That was in 1982. Immediately joining a local Baptist Church, he soon felt a burden to preach, and to tell others about Jesus Christ.

In 1986, he married Ruth, and they immediately moved to Wales, where Paul was to study for three years at the Evangelical Theological College of Wales ( ETCW Bryntirion). During his third year, Paul received a call to the Pastorate of Newtown Evangelical Church in Mid-Wales, where he served from 1989 to 1998. Then in 1998, sensing that God was moving them on, Paul accepted an invitation to the Pastorate of Swindon Evangelical Church, where he serves to this day.

Mary Hodson

Ladies Worker

It has been a great blessing to have Mary as a part-time church staff member and many can testify to this. Her role is a new initiative as the church seeks to extend and enhance the ministry amongst women. Mary’s roles include pastoral visits and dealing with different women’s pastoral issues that are wide ranging and she runs a number of one-to-ones with ladies in the church. These often include going through Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored, accountability and prayer.

Debbie Baker

Office Manager

Debbie has served faithfully as the church’s secretary for over 10 years now. Much of the work Debbie does happens behind the scenes but it is vital for the day-to-day running of the church. Most of Debbie’s work comes in the form of administration—from organising the notices to taking minutes.

Debbie also supports the Elders in their ministries. If you spend any time in the church outside of Sundays Debbie is usually hard at work organising some aspect of church life!

Helen Jackson

Children’s and youth worker

Helen has recently joined our team as Ministry Trainee and the focus of her training is children’s and youth work. She is involved with some of the groups for children and young people within the church, as well as making links with local schools. Her schools work involves taking regular assemblies and she has run ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ sessions at the church which local schools have attended. She continues to work part-time as a teacher in a local primary school.

Lyndon Day


Lyndon became a Christian in his early teens and moved to Swindon with his wife Mairwen in 1973. Lyndon served as a Deacon for nine years, eight of them as Church Secretary, before becoming an Elder in 2002. Lyndon is married with three children.

Richard Foster


Richard Foster became a Christian in 1980, as a teenager, when his youth leader explained the need to trust in the Lord Jesus as the only one who could deal with his sin and bring him into a right relationship with God.   He moved to Swindon in 1989 for work, was baptised at SWEC and married to Rosemary in 1990.  They have two teenage children.  He became a Deacon in 1995 and enjoys teaching children, particularly in the Holiday Bible Clubs.  He has been an Elder since 2009 with responsibility for the children’s groups and is chair of the church trustees.

John Parmenter


John Parmenter came to the church as a child, attending Sunday School and young people’s meetings. He met and married Ruth in the 1950s and he is a father and grandfather.

In the 1960s he joined a Gospel Team and then became leader. In 1972 he was appointed to the then Church Council and in 1981 became an Elder of the church.

Mark Trafford


Mark Trafford, with his wife Lynne, moved to Swindon in 1980 and became involved in the church soon after. Coming to Christ as a teenager, Mark has been a Youth Leader in the church for over 20 years and served as a Deacon for 12 years.

He completed the four-year theological training course run by the Evangelical Movement of Wales before becoming an Elder. Mark and Lynne have grown up children and grandchildren.